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40th Birthday

I had another incredibly satisfying evening last night providing the entertainment for a joint 40th birthday party at Three Choirs Wickham. Events like this are a speciality of mine because this is my era too and it’s easy to identify the songs that are going to get the best response. The hosts were 21 while I was working for a hit music radio station and can remember which tunes were the biggest at the time. The party had a theme of “dynamic duos” (because the hosts are twins) and the guests didn’t disappoint with their costumes. We had fancy dress featuring characters like Buzz  & Woody from Toy Story,  Vivian and Edward in Pretty Woman, Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street and even foods like Bacon and Egg. My favourite was “The Donald” and Theresa May (although I think he … Continue reading

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Hilton Chilworth

It’s been a really positive week for me in all aspects of work with lots of positive feedback. I did my first wedding of the year last weekend at the Hilton Chilworth and it felt a long time coming as Anna and Rob booked me for it over 12 months ago. I woke up this morning to find they had interrupted their honeymoon to email a note of thanks : This was a welcome end to a week which saw us celebrating a record audience at Wave 105, the radio station where I’ve hosted the afternoon show for almost 10 years. In the latest quarterly figures I’ve achieved a record 17.8% share of all radio listening in the area, which is 3 times more than Radio 1 and larger than the other 5 main commercial competitors. Just Radio 2 to … Continue reading

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Christmas Already?

It’s been another fun and varied week for me, certainly a lot busier than I expected the first few weeks of 2017 to be.  Alongside my daily radio show for Wave 105 I’ve been involved with lots of meetings and enquiries for later this year. On Monday I had an enquiry from a couple asking if I was free to DJ their wedding on what’s proving to be the busiest date of the summer. Unfortunately I’m already booked, as are the other 4 DJs I work with and most of the ones who I know have a good reputation locally. After much thought we found a solution and a former club DJ I trust will be looking after the wedding on August 19th. The clients are in their early 30s his knowledge of what music would have scored nights out … Continue reading

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