Bank Holiday

Bank holidays have become a bit of a luxury in recent times with so many people working through the 3 day weekend.
Often those in retail, health care or the hospitality industry are hard at work to make sure that you and I can enjoy the sales, care or fantastic parties over the long weekend.

I’ve worked in radio for 23 years and rarely get to enjoy a full Bank Holiday so it’s just like an ordinary working weekend for me.
This one saw a 40th Birthday party in Ferndown and a wedding in Berkshire on behalf of The Live Events Group.
August Bank Holiday is always really popular for events and if you’re planning an event for 2017 and if you haven’t booked your entertainment yet it’s worth thinking about it sooner rather than later so you can book an affordable professional to ensure you have a memorable night for all the right reasons. Drop me an email for availability and we can grab a coffee and chat about your plans.

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