Busy Week

Last week has been the perfect example of how wonderfully varied my work can be.
It started Saturday meeting up with Penny and Suzi who will be celebrating a “significant birthday” in a few weeks at Three Choirs Vineyard in Wickham. They’re both looking forward to having fun with their family and friends and after a discussion about music over coffee they left knowing we were on the same page.
On Monday night I met with the new team behind organising Winchesters annual bonfire and fireworks. It’s probably one of the biggest events in the city’s calendar and regularly pulls in crowds of 20,000 people. The nice thing about their display is it’s not commercially driven and regularly raises around £50,000 for local good causes.
This year there are big plans for the event beyond the actual display and they’ve asked me to host the evening which I know is going to be a lot of fun.

On Wednesday I had a site meeting at a new venue ahead of a wedding I’ll be doing in the spring.

and if they know you know about any concerns they might have then they will have one less thing to think about.
In this case there have been historical issues with noise pollution under previous management and as I provide DJs to several other locations where this can be a problem they were reassured this would be a priority for us.

Thursday an event planner contacted me about availability for a private party in October. I have worked with this team many times and it’s a real compliment to be a preferred supplier as they have a reputation for very high standards. For many event organisers DJs are just another tick on a job sheet but ths company clearly appreciate the difference.
Finally on Friday and I was in The Stones Hotel in Salisbury providing the end of evening entertainment for the “Local Heroes” awards. It’s always satisfying when you have a late finish and there are still people on the dance floor.

Whether it’s a private party, public event or corporate function we have the skills and experience to make sure the night goes smoothly and if I’m already booked I work with a team of trusted associates from a broadcast background that can carry the night home in style.
Say hello,  tell us more about what we can do for you and prepare to be surprised at our reasonable our costs.

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