Big Jay

Big Jay popped around this morning for his annual visit.
He’s a friendly chap and we have good banter in the half an hour or so he’s here.
Jay is a PAT tester, and he checks and certificates all my sound and lighting gear every year.
Plus the odd hair dryer. Not mine… I haven’t needed one of those for a very long time. And obviously neither has he.

Portable Appliance Testing is not a legal requirement but most high end venues require suppliers to provide a certificate every year which proves their equipment has been tested.
That’s how I know that Jay drinks his coffee black, likes thrash metal and spends a lot of time on hills in Wiltshire protecting badgers. It’s because I have seen him every year while he plugs things in and applies a green sticker on it to prove it is safe. This year he noticed one of my extension cables had a slight cut in the outer shielding about a metre in so he removed that section and reattached the plug. It was just the result of general wear and tear and not dangerous but if you work at historic venues like The Domus at Beaulieu you (or they) cannot afford to take risks. I’m going to be back there for a couple of weddings next year.

Jay is a man in high demand. His next job is a tailors on Saville Row. Apparently with all the dust and fibres are like a tinderbox.
In the unlikely event you need PAT testing  you can reach him here.

If you are looking for a DJ please make sure you check that they have all the relevant certificates for PAT and Public Liability.
They might be cheaper but you can’t cut corners with the safety of you and your guests.

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