Ibiza Live Sax and DJ

Looking for an Ibiza live sax and DJ with percussion for a party? 
Hampshire Event DJs are delighted to be able to offer this extra service to help make your night legendary.
We’ve brought special birthdays to life at Three Choirs Vineyard and celebrated weddings by the water at The Southampton Harbour Hotel
Our list of corporate events include Ibiza live sax and percussion for an international crowd at Goodwood.

Ibiza Live Sax And DJ Party Vibe

Adding a saxophone and percussion to your night can recreate the nostalgia of summer holidays and provide a unique party vibe for clients.
We’ve talked before about how music creates emotional connections and an instant time machine to earlier periods in our lives. 
This is absolutely the reason behind the growing trend for Ibiza style live saxophonist and percussion accompanying a DJ for significant birthdays. 
Todays 40 somethings spent late teens and early 20s clubbing on the party island. 
Hearing those songs again provide instant feels for the carefree fun times in their lives.  
So when it’s time to celebrate they naturally want to revisit the soundtrack to their youth spent in vibrant Balearic venues. 

Live sax & percussion with DJ
Ibiza style live sax & DJ with percussion can create a legendary night!

Mingle With The Crowd

Our duo Claire and Dave love to get involved and become part of the party mingling with the crowd as they freestyle over the beats.
It’s not uncommon for Dave’s bongos to be hijacked by revellers and he’s happy for them to join in and try themselves.
Live sax and DJ with percussion can work especially well in the middle of an evening with a broader musical offering either side. 
As well as partying in venues they’ve also proved popular in marquees and on the beach.

Beach Party with DJ
A surprise 40th on Bournemouth Beach with Ibiza style live sax and DJ

The Next Level

Hampshire Event DJs live saxophone and percussion duo plug into our sound system so you won’t have to pay more for extra equipment.
If you’re looking for something to take your celebration to the next level get in touch for further details on our Ibiza live sax and DJ with percussion.

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