Your First Dance

First Dance at Gordleton Mill
Pic Credit Tash & Will

Your first dance is the final formality of the wedding day.
Couples want to get it right, especially their song choice.  
For some couples the perfect song will choose itself.
Others struggle to find a track perfect of the moment.
So where do you start with choosing a tune for your first dance?

Choosing Your First Dance Song

First Dance With A Burley Manor Barn DJ
Pic Credit Mia Hooper

We’ve talked before about emotional connections in music.
These are not exclusively limited to moments on the dance floor.
Other songs can give you a nostalgia bounce when you hear them.
They might be from an album you played on repeat when you met, a track on the radio on your first weekend away or something you streamed by the pool on your first holiday.
Some artists actually have life moments in mind when they write albums.
Ed Sheeran always has at least 2 suitable wedding songs on every one!  

Suggestions For Your First Dance

Your first dance at Millbridge Court could look like this
Pic Credit Keith Bridle

We frequently see brides looking for inspiration in online forums canvasing for opinions for what others have chosen for their first dance.
Often they will compile a playlist and listen to then for suitability. 
Here is our playlist of all the first dances we played in 2022 and 2023.
The top 15 have appeared more than once and the no.1 has featured over 6 times.

Discover New Music

Your first dance at Farbridge Barns
Pic Credit Hampshire Event DJs

First dance songs are often an opportunity for us to discover new music and artists. 
When James and Kelly married at West Hill Park School and introduced us to a beautiful song by Benjamin Francis Leftwich.
By chance Simon bumped into him a year later in his day job.
While they were in the studio Benjamin agreed to record a version of “Shine” especially for them.
We sent the video on their first anniversary and now it pops up every year on their socials.  

Holly and Louis dance to John Legend at Three Choirs Wickham.
Pic Credit Joe Burford

Always listen to the words and context of a song before considering it for your first dance. 
In 2011 “Someone Like You” by Adele was one of the most popular songs of the year and many considered it for a first dance without realising it was a song about breaking up.
The same year Jamie Lawson had a hit with a sweet song about unexpectedly falling in love. 
It would be the perfect choice for a first dance song were it not for the unhappy ending.
With a little bit of digital trickery we remixed the ending of the track for a couple and now their “Happily Ever After” version of “I Wasn’t Expecting That” is now in our library.
We often create special first dance sequences for our couples.
They begin with a stripped-down version of a track and mix into the upbeat dance version.
The transition provides a signpost for other guests to join the dance floor.
We’ve also seen a growing trend of couples asking us to edit the durations of tracks, enabling couples to spend less time in the spotlight. We have done this for for father/daughter dances too.

Conclude your first dance with confetti
Pic Credit Lovely Creatures

We’re always surprised when younger couples select older wedding classics.
Sam and Sean at Three Choirs chose “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross from 1981.
Al Green “Let’s Stay Together” is another often requested classic.
Often new cover versions of timeless classic is chosen, like “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”.
Popular reworking of the Elvis classic include Haley Reinhart and Kina Grannis from the film Crazy Rich Asians. 

Your first dance could look like this at Lainston House
Pic Credit Martin Bell

Some couples choreograph a routine to go with their first dance like Michelle and Marcus.
Dancing is their hobby so a slick routine came naturally for them.
Other couples hire a teacher and rehearse for hours to practice their perfect routine.

A packed dance floor at Wasing Park

Whichever song you pick and however you choose to dance once it’s over the party can start!
Choose a DJ you can trust to deliver the moment perfectly for you with minimum cheesy chat and impeccable timing. 
Tell us how you want your evening to sound by clicking on the orange button below.
We can catch up over Zoom or in person and tell you how we can help make your evening perfect.

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