Hampshire Wedding DJs In 2021

Party in 2021 with Hampshire Event DJs
Pic credit Alisa Roberts

2020 eh? What a year! 
It was nothing like the one we were all expecting at the start of January.
So we’re looking forward to hopefully getting back to doing what we do best as Hampshire Wedding DJs In 2021.

Corporate Party At The Southampton Harbour  Hotel
Pic Credit James White

Full On And Full Of Fun

It began as normal with the usual mix of post-Christmas corporate events at venues like The Southampton Harbour Hotel and Bombay Sapphire
We celebrated birthdays at Three Choirs and our wedding season started strong on Valentine’s Day with a reception at Millbridge Court
This was followed by more weddings at Bartley Lodge before February was over.
2020 was going to be full on, full of fun and we were just getting started. 

Then everything changed.

Wedding DJs at Three Choirs
Pic Credit Tom Langford

A Great Year For Party Tunes

We have only DJ’d once since March when Dan played a lockdown wedding last weekend. You can read the review from Kirsty and Richard here
The other 9 months have seen us doing those little things we never time to do.
Our shared music library has had a tidy so everyone has high quality copies of everything we play.
One positive thing from this year we can take forward into 2021 is the music. It’s been a great year for party tunes even if we haven’t been able to party. We’ve studied sales and airplay charts in lieu of those shared experiences to identify the big future anthems
The most exciting thing for our clients is the development of our new interactive portal. It makes it easy for couples to compile their reception music and puts them in complete control.
It’s a bit of a gamechanger and we’ll be sharing details of this in the new year. 

Wedding fun at Burley Manor
Pic Credit : Keith Bridle

The Party They Want

Despite their obvious disappointment we’ve had positive vibes from all our couples, many of whom are looking towards their third date. 
Their support has made us more determined to make their evenings perfect when the time comes. We look forward to giving them the party they want when the pandemic has passed. 
Some have continued on their wedding journey without us due to limited numbers. For a few couples we have provided their specially edited first dance although we won’t get to play it. 

Weddings DJ services at Upwaltham Barns from Hampshire Event DJs
Pic Credit Alisa Roberts
Looking Forward

We’re looking forward to seeing the familiar faces we have missed. 
The events managers at venues, the photographers, the bands we work alongside. We’ve kept in touch but as most families have discovered it’s not the same by phone.  Our diary shows we’ll be seeing some of them a lot in the coming 12 months.
One of the advantages of being a team has made it easy for us to reschedule almost all of last summer’s dates into 2021.
But we still have some capacity. 
So if you want to have another go at the postponed milestone birthday celebration try our Essentials Package
You can book within 8 weeks of your event and enjoy great music at a lower price. Essentials is strictly subject to availability but ideal for anyone looking to hire a DJ last minute.
Our compact set-up makes it easy for us to bring the party to large rooms or the corner of a bar.

Hampshire Event DJs set up at Farbridge
Pic Credit Tom Langford
Bring It On!

To all our 2020 couples who moved into next year, we can’t wait to see you. We’ll make memories for life as Hampshire Wedding DJs in 2021.
Playing the kind of tunes which strangers into best friends. 
If you’re thinking about planning a post-Covid party click the orang button below and tell us more.

Bring it on 2021. We’re ready for you. 

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